Competition conditions

  1. Competitors enter at their own risk. The CSTD accepts NO responsibility for any accidents or injury to any persons associated with the festival, either as a Competitor, Volunteer or a member of the General Public, at any time.
  2. Festival dates for 2019 (Weekend): Friday 28th June - Sunday 30th June
  3. Festival dates for 2019 (Full Week): Monday 8th July - Friday 12th July
  4. The closing date of the entries will be **28th March, 2019 ENTRIES MUST BE PAID FOR AT TIME OF SUBMITTANCE - ALL ENTRIES ENTERED ON-LINE LATE ENTRY FEE will be $20 per dance.
  5. Age limits must be of age as at the 31st DECEMBER 2019 (in accordance with examination entry dates) Winners may be asked to produce birth certificate before receiving trophies.
  6. All entries must be submitted in the official CSTD On Line Competition format.
  7. Contact for the Enquires or Competition Information is
  8. The Festival is open to all dance studios ( including Non CSTD members) and to both Amateur and Professional Dancers.
  9. The Committee reserves the right to amend or refuse any entry on any ground.
  10. Students who have changed schools must have advised previous teachers at least 3 months prior to the close of entry. All advice of change of status must be received by the advised date or students may be ineligible to compete.
  11. Age groups may be combined subject to entry numbers. The Committee may cancel any Section for which less than 5 (five) entries are received. In the event of the section proceeding with less than 5 (five) entries it shall be left to the discretion of the adjudicator as to the prizes awarded.

Performance Rules

  1. Competitors who do not appear when number is called may perform at the end of the section, but may or may not receive adjudication depending on circumstances.
  2. Competitors whose names are omitted from the programme for any reason will dance at the end of the section, in numerical order.
  3. No Competitor may appear more than once in any Section of that genre.
  4. TIME OF ITEMS. Time limits will be rigidly enforced; entrants who exceed time limits will receive a 5 point deduction from their score. The time of the item will be taken from the commencement of music or from first movement of body, legs or arms until the competitor leaves the stage or the fall of the curtain.
  5. ONLY COMPETITORS AND TEACHERS with a pass are allowed back stage. All studios will be given 4 complimentary teacher passes (Principal and three Teachers). Extra passes $20 per pass. All backstage personnel will be required to have a Working with Children card.
  6. If a competitor commences an item and stops they may appear again at the end of the section unmarked if time permits.
  7. Comedy is barred in all sections with the exception of Theatre & Performing Arts.
  8. Music with tap sounds, not permitted in any tap dance (including Troupes).
  9. Acrobatic tricks can be performed in a non Acrobatic routine. However it will be at the adjudicator's discretion if these are deemed necessary.
  10. An announcement will be made at the beginning of each section confirming any extra competitors or withdrawals.
  11. All competitors will be required to line up on stage at the end of their section for results and presentations.

Description of genres for CSTD Competition Solos

CLASSICAL: pure classical ballet technique without a story and using classical music. No Repertoire. Note: this section requires a short tutu to be worn (exception ensembles).

DEMI-CHARACTER: must tell a story incorporating steps and mimed gestures. Can include a prop, hand held or placed on the stage. A variety of music can be used with variations in tempo. Classical or Semi-Classical music to be used with no lyrics.

NATIONAL: The dance from a particular country. Must be authentic and show the costuming, music, style and characteristics of that country's dances. Highland, Sailor's Hornpipe and Irish dances excluded.

LYRICAL: modern flowing movements based on Classical technique. Music normally has lyrics and the dance should show a connection with the music.

CONTEMPORARY: a more individualistic and expressive style which is not bound by rigid technique, and showing free fall and spirit. THE CSTD Jason Winters Contemporary syllabus is a guideline. The category is not open to Under 12 years as it requires maturity to express the mood and feeling through body movement.

JAZZ: an energetic rhythmic and stylish dance form. The Jazz exam dances of the CSTD Modern Jazz Syllabus are a guideline.

TAP: Any style of Tap - Theatrical, Street or Funk - (excludes Latin or Character.) All medleys are relevant to Championships ONLY.

ACROBATIC: This section must contain 'Acrobatic' tricks (and/or contortion work) following the guidelines of the CSTD theatrical Syllabus, which includes a dance element of equal strength.

THEATRE & PERFORMING ARTS: Singing and actions only (No dance). Any choice of song may be used. No voice over or miming to be used.

HIP HOP: A dance which consists of the latest break dance, up rock, street style, locking, cramping or as seen in current dance clips. Music must be age appropriate and must not contain any profanity. The committee has the right to disqualify an entrant if the music is inappropriate.

MULTI-GENRE: Acrobatic, Theatre Performing Arts, Hip Hop, Classical, Contemporary & Lyrical. Choice of one dance for this section only ( Various genres are allowed in different age groups - Please check sections to see if your genre is permitted)

Championship Eligibility

  1. Only Candidates who have entered a CSTD examination in the previous 12 months will be eligible to enter ANY Championship.
  2. Open Age Candidates for all Championship Sections are exempt from the above examination clause.
  3. Reminder: Competitor must enter and dance in 2 other solo sections within the current competition to be able to dance in a Championship. Competitor cannot repeat a dance from these sections in a Championship.


Competitor must dance 2 dances of their own choice. This can include Jazz, Tap Solo (NO Tap Championship), Classical, Acrobatics, Lyrical, Contemporary, Theatre & Performing Arts. Cash Prizes will be awarded – (to be divided over 1st, 2nd & 3rd places): Junior BETTY TILLEY CSTD Cup – 15 years and under Senior BETTY TILLEY CSTD Cup – 16 years and above

ELIGIBILITY: Competitor must enter and dance in 2 other solo sections within the current competitions. Competitor cannot repeat a dance from these sections within the “Cup”. Time limits will apply and will be the same as stated in the rules for each individual section. The winner of the Junior and Senior Cup must be available to dance one solo on the Final night.


Dancers placed in the Open Age Modern 1st, 2nd, 3rd to dance this championship. Once placed in this section you will remain a championship dancer.



Candidates must perform a slow and fast Tap without leaving the stage. Different routines must be used in Championships to solo sections. Anyone entering a championship can also dance in own age group tap section.

Please note:** NOREEN MEADE CHAMPIONSHIP: You must have placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd in Tap Solo 16 years & over to dance this Championship.




  1. Classical solo (no curtain allowed) - Short Tutu to be worn,
  2. a) Character of Demi-Character solo (No curtain), or

b) National solo dance may be used instead of Demi Character. Competitor must appear in one other Classical Solo Section in his or her own age group.


ELIGIBILITY: YOU CANNOT DANCE THIS CHAMPIONSHIP unless you have been placed in a CSTD Open Classical / Demi-Character solo or National Solo.



  1. Classical solo (no curtain allowed) - Short Tutu to be worn,
  2. a) Character of Demi-Character solo (No curtain), or

b) National solo dance may be used instead of Demi Character. Competitor must appear in one other Classical Solo Section in his or her own age group.


ELIGIBILITY: YOU CANNOT DANCE THIS CHAMPIONSHIP unless you have been placed in a CSTD Open Classical / Demi-Character Solo or National Solo.



  1. Competitor will dance one dance in their chosen genre.
  2. Must be an open dancer and cannot repeat any routine.




  1. Classical solo (no curtain allowed) - Short Tutu to be worn
  2. Demi-Character or National

ELIGIBILITY YOU CANNOT DANCE THIS CHAMPIONSHIP unless you have been placed in a CSTD Open Classical / Demi- Character Solo or National Solo


  1. All troupe participants in 6yrs, 8yrs will receive a medal if their troupe places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Honourable Mention will receive a Certificate.
  2. Troupes are to moderate use of voice/mime - 16 Bars approximately or or closest cut of Musical point.
  3. No substituting of any entry including Troupes.
  4. All members of Tap Troupes must wear tap shoes.
  5. Troupe Members cannot dance in 2 troupes in the same section. For example - if a studio has entered 2 x 12 years and under troupes, dancers cannot be in both troupes entered. This rule will not apply if any age groups need to be combined by the competition committee.
  6. IMPORTANT - TROUPES ON STAGE - Troupes will NOT be allowed onto the stage in between sessions for stage patterning and/or rehearsals. Any Troupes found doing this will result in automatic point deduction. Overseas troupes are exempt from this rule. Troupes who are number 1 may enter the stage area once the commentator has announced the section.
  7. Minimum of 6 troupe entries will be needed or age groups may be combined. (This will be the decision of the competition committee). All troupes minimum of 6 competitors and no maximum applies.
  8. Dance Ability Troupe - See Section on Age Category and sections for further information.
  9. Acrobatic Troupe - Each participant must perform a minimum of 3 Acrobatic tricks. 'CHEER STUNTS' will be accepted but limited as follows:

Option 1: Choice of ONE Stunt performed simultaneously using multiple groups. Option 2: Choice of TWO Stunts performed at separate intervals using one group only.

DEFINITION OF CHEER STUNT: A Cheerleading stunt is a move performed by a group which consists of a flyer and bases. The flyer is the person who performs the stunt. He / She is supported airborne, thrown up into the air, returning to the support of the base without touching the floor. Therefore: the flyer must start supported in the air before commencement of the stunt. The stunt is deemed complete, once the Flyer reaches the hands/arms/shoulders/support of the base.


Competitors Aggregate Cup Points will be allotted as follows: 1st place - 5 points, 2nd place - 3 points, 3rd place - 1 point. All open sections are now included in the allotting of aggregate points. All Championship sections will count towards the aggregate cup. In the event of a tie in the Aggregate Cup, the cup will be awarded to the Competitor receiving the highest marks in each section danced. This award will be presented on the final night of the competition.


  1. Reports need to be collected from the ticket box after presentations. ( Swan Park Theatre.) Reports will only be given to the Competitor or their teachers. Morley recreation Centre - reports collected at CD registration desk.

Competitors Pass / Administration Fee

  1. All competitors must have a Competitors Pass in 2019 - Price: $20.00. (This includes APRA compulsory fee and administration). Also applies to troupe members.
  2. Please TYPE names and birthdates correctly when doing ON-LINE ENTRIES (very important). The computer does not recognise acute accents (é, å, ö).
  3. Competitor passes can be used for entry into the auditorium for all sessions apart from troupe sessions.. These are non transferable at any time.
  4. Replacement pass will be $5.00 (Please look after them).

Troupe Tickets

  1. It is strongly recommended that studios pre-order all Troupe tickets. This will need to be done prior to the 1st June 2019. You can arrange this through the committee. Tickets will be delivered to your studio or pick up can be arranged. Must be paid in full.

Adjudication and protests

  1. Any competitor, relative of a competitor, or teacher who approaches an adjudicator before, during or after any section will be disqualified.
  2. The Committee reserves the right to change the adjudicators for any reason whatsoever.
  3. Protest against any competitor must be put in writing by the principal teacher to the "Protest Committee" within 1 hour after completion of a section with a fee of $50.00. If in the opinion of the "Protest Committee" a protest is deemed frivolous, the deposit is forfeited.


  1. Front of house stage curtain can only be used in TROUPE sections.


  1. All CDs (to be in hard cases not plastic sleeves) must be handed in 1 hour prior to the commencement of the section. CDs may be handed in to the music table on entry to theatre (Music table is located to the left side in foyer) with Name, Section , Competitor number, and "start on or off stage" clearly marked. PLEASE: No stickers to be used on CDs - use only CD marking pen. ( For Morley Recreation Cd desk is back stage area)
  2. All music is to be recorded in Audio format. (Not DATA format).
  3. Teachers should check that correct music is handed in, there will be a 5 point deduction for incorrect music. No deduction will be made if a problem with music occurs which is out of the dancers/teachers control.
  4. Music, which is overtime, will incur a 5 point deduction.
  5. Only one track on your CD - All music must be age appropriate.
  6. Copyright laws must be adhered to at all times. All entrants must be fully aware of their copyright responsibilities. Born to Perform is not liable in any way for personal breach of copyright. Please contact AMCOS or APRA if you have any queries. Any royalty payments is the responsibility of the entrant.
  7. CDs can be collected after your section in the front foyer or backstage.


  1. Lighting may only be used for 14 Years, 16 Years and for Open Troupe Sections. Colour wash on Cyc for all other troupes permitted.

Dressing Room Area

  1. Teachers are responsible for noise levels in dressing area. This area is to be kept clean and tidy at all times. Please take all rubbish, cups and water bottles on leaving your dressing area...rubbish bins are supplied. Be courteous to every one's space - costumes and personal belongings.
  2. Boys' dressing area will be arranged.

Theatre Rules

  1. Mobile phones must be turned off in the auditorium, not just turned to silent.
  2. Due to copyright, the recording of any performances is prohibited within the theatre (this includes mobile phone cameras).
  3. Food and drinks are not permitted into the Theatre (Strict theatre rules).
  4. Etiquette must be maintained throughout sections.
  5. No children are allowed unaccompanied in the front 2 rows of the theatre.
  6. Sportsman like behaviour is to be maintained throughout the competitions.
  7. Strictly a Non-Smoking venue.

Props - Subject to Theatre Discussion

  1. Props to the backstage area only prior to the session they are required and then they should be removed on the completion of that session immediately. It has been suggested we all use each other's props. e.g: Chairs, Stairs and boxes if suitable. This will save lots of storage.
  2. Please check all props for screws or nails as to not scratch the stage.
  3. No real flowers, foliage or straw to be used.

Photographer and Videographer

  1. There will be an official videographer and photographer throughout the festival to capture your every move. No cameras, mobile phones, iPads or any other recording devices are permitted to be used during a performance unless authorised by the Committee.
  2. Items will only be recorded if ordered and paid for before the session commences. More information will be available closer to the competitions.
  3. All persons accept that by participating in this festival, they may be photographed or filmed and that these images may be used by the CSTD nationally for promotion of the society. CSTD will not pass on any images onto third parties unless prior approval is sought. Please be aware the official photographic provider may use images to promote their service at the festival.


As in previous years we are always encouraging sponsorship. Advertising in the Born to Perform Programme or on the Born to Perform registration page. Therefore if you know of an individual or company we could approach please contact the committee.


The Competitor enters into the Dancing Competition at the competitors own risk and will satisfy her/himself as to the safety of the competition area and surface to be used by the competitor.

The Competitor will follow all directions and set rules stated by the competition organiser or persons authorised by them and waives any claims for liability against any organiser, (whether an Association or Individual), participant, official, volunteer, judge, visitor, employee, or invitee (the "participants") and releases the participants from all liability that may arise out of the competition, to the competitor. Such liability shall include any personal injury, property loss or damage. The Competitor of the Parent/Guardian or Teacher warrants that they have read and understood these rules and have agreed to them of their own free will. If they are not satisfied in any way with the rules or the standard of the competition area or any of the facilities, then they are not obliged to compete.