Competition conditions

General conditions

  1. The Born to Perform Global Dance Challenge has been established to provide the opportunity for dancers to continue developing their skills throughout the COVID-19.
  2. The Dance Challenge is open to candidates who have completed a Comdance CSTD examination or taken a Public Performance or Major Examination within 2 years prior to the Challenge date. Candidates who enter for Come Dance With Me - Class Performance 1 & 2 are eligible for the under 6 sections. Competitors who have previously entered in a Born To Perform Festival are also eligible to enter.
  3. Routines can be existing or new, that have been choreographed by the teachers.
  4. Dancers enter at their own risk. The committee accepts no responsibility for any accidents or injury to the participant or surrounding environment.
  5. The committee reserves the right to combine, alter or amend sections and cancel or refuse any entry at anytime.
  6. As entries will be limited, please register as soon as possible. A locked sign will appear when each section has reached its limit of entries.
  7. Age as 1st April 2020. Please type names and DOB's correctly when entering (VERY IMPORTANT)
  8. Closing date for Entry registrations is 21st August, 2020

Entry conditions

  1. Date by which all video submission are required is by 31st August 2020. You can record on a phone, ipad or video camera. A dropbox invitation will be forwarded on receipt of entry.
  2. Entry fee is $20AUD per entry non refundable. There will be a $50AUD charge for any changes to the entry after submission.

Filming requirements

  1. When filming, the quality of the footage must be in High Definition (HD) or full HD and filmed in landscape format (not portrait). Any modern smart phone with footage filmed in HD also known as 720p, or full HD 1080p will meet these requirements.
  2. There must be no editing of the item, the entire dance should be one shot from start to finish.
  3. The dancer's entire body must be seen for the duration of the item.
  4. Filming must have taken place within 4 weeks of the closing date of entries.
  5. Each video must begin with a A4 card at the beginning of the piece showing, STUDENTS NAME, AGE SECTION AND DANCE STYLE. eg Jane Smith Under 6 Jazz.
  6. Dancer's are to wear correct dance attire including tights with neat grooming. The environment/space in which the dancer is dancing in will not be taken into account during the adjudication. Dancers may choose to wear a costume however this is not part of the adjudication criteria. Dancer's names or Dance Studio names must not be on any item of clothing.
  7. Locations for filming should be in a communal space such as a dance studio, outdoor area or any area that has a suitable surface and is safe for the dancer to perform.
  8. Responsibility rests with each Registrant to ensure that performances have been recorded in accordance with any local country rules. Comdance does not want to be seen to be encouraging competitors to travel to locations (such as theatres) for the purpose of recording a performance if such travel is not legal / acceptable.
  9. For Dancer's safeguarding, permission for uploading content must be granted by a parent/guardian.


All Sections are classified as Open Sections - there are no Novice Sections in this Dance Challenge

JAZZ / MODERN: An energetic rhythmic and stylish dance form. The jazz exam dances of the Comdance Modern Jazz Syllabus are a guideline.

CLASSICAL: Pure Classical ballet technique without a story and using classical or lyrical music. No Repertoire.

CONTEMPORARY: A more individualistic and expressive style which is not bound by rigid technique, and showing free fall and spirit. The Jason Winters Contemporary Syllabus is a guideline.

LYRICAL: Modern flowing movements based on Classical technique. Music normally has lyrics and the dance should show a connection with the music.

NEO CLASSICAL: Modern style using Classical lines.

HIP HOP: A dance which consists of the latest break dance, up rock, street style, locking, popping, krumping or as seen in current dance clips.

TAP: Any style of Tap - Theatrical, Street or Funk.

Sending through performances

  1. Registrants are responsible for general quality of performance recordings. Please await an email from for a dropbox invitation for your video submission remember to clearly label with students name, age section & dance style.
  2. Each performance is to be sent individually as a separate file.
  3. No late entries will be accepted
  4. Acceptance of recordings can be used for Comdance Marketing purposes in full or part there of.

Adjudication & Awards

  1. Judges adjudication is final
  2. Each registration will have a personal critique which will be accessible to the Dancer after the event.
  3. Prizes given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd will be monetary, winners will be notified and prizes will be direct debited to a nominated account.
  4. Adjudicator's Awards may be given "Most Creative Awards" "Most Entertaining Awards" "Interpretation Award" & Genre Awards for each age group.
  5. The criteria for the adjudicators decisions is based on Technical execution, Musicality and Artistry & Creativity.
  6. Results will be published on the results page of the Comdance website & the Comdance facebook & Instagram pages. Also there will be an online announcement of results at the conclusion of the Challenge. Details will be provided and announced on social media.


Comdance, Home of CSTD prides itself in being a global community in developing the Art of Dance through our 4 E's Expression, Enjoyment, Encouragement & Education. Competitions are platforms for dancers to perform. Our dance community values our young generation of dancers and their contribution to the Arts. Dancers - immerse yourself in your performance, share your passion and show us how much you love to dance!. We would love to welcome you to our global community of dance.